We help you find the distinctive, valuable ideas that place you ahead of what everyone else is doing.

Our thinking sideways methodology inspires innovation, solves business problems, and encourages creativity. Together with you and your team we find valuable insights, introduce new ways of thinking and generate ideas that move the organisation forward.

Say hello and we can tell you how.


Key Takeaways.

  • Epigram improve your business by increasing your ability to think creatively and find stand-out ideas.

  • We utilises resources that you already have  —  the people currently in the organisation — by introducing the ability to solve core issues the company face now, or in the future.

  • The outcomes are always in your best interests, as we are not selling you a service-based expertise.

The business advantages we provide:

  • Problem solving skills.

  • An understanding of an innovation culture.

  • Different points-of-view.

  • Improved decision making.

  • Valuable idea suggestions.

  • Continuous learning.


We are an objective partner that can help companies grow, innovate and improve their business in a unified manner.


The key benefits of working with us.

Improvement of the business in concert, rather than one part.

Our approach is unbiased and partner-based, rather than service-based to ensure objectivity.

Gain an edge on competitors.

We identify how conventional trends function in your industry, and create unconventional approaches instead.

Attract, retain and delight your people.

Thinking Sideways is a skill that is taught, and can be used and contributed to by everyone in the company.


Some of the practical questions that we work on.

How do we maintain and increase our relevance in an ever-changing landscape? 

This may sound a touch melodramatic, but it’s a question that keeps people awake at night. We find great discomfort in uncertainty, especially in business.

How can we increase and/or find alternative streams of revenue?

To look beyond the core streams of revenue can sometimes be viewed as treasonous, but a lack of vision in this area can lead to a gradual decline. 

How do we create an environment that encourages our team to contribute?

One of the central themes of thinking sideways is the focus on everyone, it’s one of the best ways to begin developing an internal, learning and contributing culture.