The tenets that epigram are based upon.


Unbiased Outcomes. 

This means that we have no hidden agendas, our approach is fully-focused on the best outcome for you, not by what will increase our revenues.


Confront the Conventional. 

Think small, not think big. When everyone is doing the same thing, we become invisible. This approach may seem safe, but being invisible is the real risk. Knowing how to balance the conventional and the unconventional removes this risk.


Improved Reasoning. 

A focus on overarching ideas that serve the whole of the businesses objectives, both long-term and short-term. Combined with an inclusive approach that improves and involves the entire team’s ability to contribute.


Before we created Epigram, we were a design agency, working in multiple industries. So our background is in design and communications. We know about fonts and stuff. That’s nice right?

We found however, that certain business issues were being overlooked. Design is great and all, but it doesn’t help the entire company. It doesn’t problem solve issues, and it doesn’t give the necessary skills needed to create distinctive ideas. It can execute them sure, but it needs the right thinking behind it to do so.

It was then that we began to explore the concept that would go on to become Epigram. A company that becomes a true partner, rather than a service provider. Service providers are experts. And experts do what they know has worked in the past. It’s not conducive to change. Because a service provider has a service to provide, their advice will always arrive at the same conclusion. PR company - more public relations. Accountancy company - more accountants. Advertising company - more advertising spend.

And in some cases it is what will be needed, but if we approach business problems without this obvious bias, more options and divergent routes can present themselves. Expertise is crucial, and very much an important part of the process. We need expertise. But when we want to introduce change, to confront the conventional, to plan for the future, and find ideas that make a difference, we need to forget about our expertise.

And so, we combined three basic tenets that we thought would be needed to do this. Unbiased Outcomes. Confront the Conventional. Improved Reasoning.

And Epigram is the result. Hello.


Epigram was founded in 2018 by Keith Kent, who is a keen fan of thinking. Keith is a man with many talents, not least his talent for writing about his many talents.

Over the years Keith has worked with a broad range of clients including: Skechers Ireland, Morgan McKinley, Bord Gáis Energy, Kerry Group, Cork Simon, Menarini Pharmaceuticals, Cork Association for Autism, Carzone, Inhance Technology, LK Shields, Crown Paints, Glanbia PLC

Keith enjoys looking out the window and sleeping in his spare time.