Design & Strategy


Epigram were founded to help organisations and people discover the unusual, to think creatively and to ask why over-and-over again.

Our business model is about helping you develop your critical thinking skills, learning new perspectives, breaking rules and then applying them to core business challenges. This is how, in tandem with you, we create effective and meaningful new approaches. If you would like to know more please get in touch. We are friendly humans who are happy to help.




Clear & everyday language.

Complex language is only ever used to cover up bad thinking. When we have a great idea, we don’t dress it up in jargon or trendy sounding acronyms. We express it in simple terms, because we want everyone to understand it.


Innovation is about asking why.

Everything begins with a why. If you find yourself asking why you’re halfway there. We encourage you to continually ask why, and then provide different approaches to answering all the whys. If you stop asking why then you’ve stopped innovating.


We don’t have the knowledge, you do.

The ideas are already in the organisation. You, and your team, have all the experience and expertise in your area. What we do is introduce a different perspective. And it’s this different point-of-view that allows for new and valuable ideas to come to the fore.