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Goals defines outcomes. Goals are very important when we need to create clear, defined outcomes that serve a purpose. The goals are achievements, and are critical. But for unconventional thinking, goals have the opposite effect, it defines a specific outcome that is counter-productive to what we want. We want unspecified outcomes.

We identify areas to focus on, rather than goals to achieve. An area of focus establishes what to spend time on. A goal is an enclosed space, an area of focus is a wide-open park.


Sample problems that we help you address.


How can we stay relevant in an ever changing business landscape?

Our Culture Discovery Session helps get this started.


Why is it critical that we understand our customers and users on their terms, and not ours?

A human-centric approach leads to increased value, repeated innovation and more trust. By embedding this thinking in your business,

Our Culture Discovery Session helps get this started.


How do we get the most from our people, and start creating new ways to excite them?

Creating an internal company culture, and a reputation as an attractive, engaging place to work is elusive, it can’t be imposed, feigned, or imprinted upon people. The crucial element that the best companies have is trust and the ability for everyone in the organisation to feel involved in the process.

Our Culture Discovery Session helps get this started.