Design & Strategy

Your visual communications are your handshake and smile.

Make them count, do them right.


Communications Design

We produce captivating and effective visual communications for multiple channels and mediums, all designed to serve their intended purpose.

These communications are inherited and guided from the strategic/planning process and top-level branding to maximise their value, and help gain market advantages. The visual communications are your handshake and smile. We excel at handshakes and smiles.

Whenever a customer interacts with your company, their decisions will be informed by the visual language that you use to communicate with them. There can be multiple mediums and methods involved, so it’s crucial that each of these are designed inline with the overall business strategy, to allow for a level of assurance and trust to be conveyed to the customer. 

The communications span multiple areas, including; printed collateral, websites, motion and animation, advertising, packaging, apps, exhibitions and signage. All of these need to be visually interwoven together, in both the physical and the digital world. We find that the best visual identities are platform agnostic, have a life of their own and are completely adaptive to their environment. 

Combined with an exceptional overall experience journey your visual identity, its supporting elements and overall strategic application are one of the best and most achievable differentiators for your business.

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