Creative Thinking Skills

A practical programme that uses a collection of thinking frameworks to help participants think creatively and find the valuable insights that can make a real difference in business.


This is a facilitated programme that is conducted in person by our team.

Participants: Five
Duration: Three Hours
Location: On-site or off-site.

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Developing our thinking skills is, ironically, something that we rarely think about. We tend to focus on improving our expertise, our processes and our existing way of doing things. Improving our ability to think creatively and critically is, however, increasingly important.

It allows for a better approach to solving problems, finding opportunities and improving decision-making throughout your organisation. It takes an unconventional approach to arrive at an unconventional outcome.

Our creative thinking skills programme is designed to improve these skills.



Thinking Sideways is a creative methodology, a collection of mini frameworks and concepts that create new patterns in your thinking. It is an individual focused programme so there is a maximum of five participants for each session. It is taught over three hours and it’s spread over three different areas:

The five basic principles that form the foundation of the methodology.

Heuristics and cognitive biases and how they effect and influence our thinking.

Concepts that inform our decisions, problem solving and ideas.


Participants will gain a better understanding of the different lenses that we all view the world through and learn to identify conventional thinking.

Problem solving skills.
An understanding of an innovation culture.
Different points-of-view.
Improved decision making.
Valuable idea suggestions.
Continuous learning.




Creative Thinking Skills are useful in every industry and can be applied to any situation.

To find out more about the programme, please get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have.