Design & Strategy

Design strategy creates a master plan that governs your business tactics.

Without it the right outcomes are never achieved in a practical manner.


Design Strategy & Discovery

Strategic design discovery is a problem-solving approach that utilises design and critical thinking to correctly identify and successfully meet core business goals and objectives.

Objectives are approached with a purposeful plan and tactical harmony with a strict adherence to relevance. Rather than focusing on the deliverables; the finalised product, service, space, interface… we first concentrate on the underlying process to ensure that the final outcome is relevant, and meets the business goals.

The objective of design strategy is to merge business and creative intentions in a practical way that shifts design beyond just the the look and feel.

A strategic design-led approach has many benefits, but the overarching positive is that it leads to highly effective products and services for the end-users, while helping to fulfil the core business goals. When we add this step to the design process, we allow for a level of critical thinking and analysis that otherwise wouldn’t be applied, and although skipping it can lead to satisfactory results in the short-term, the cost implications over the long-term can become prohibitive.

Identifying and executing a strategic approach comprises of several tenets; research, problem solving, establishing relevance, decision making and direction options. The tools we use to do this vary, but the core principle is to learn and understand the enduser’s needs, in order to find a strategy that is appropriate for all stakeholders.

Another key benefit is the chance to introduce a level of sideways thinking into the business that otherwise may not be present, if old systems and ways of doing things are not challenged.

Talk to us about how we can introduce a strategic design approach to your business, to promote growth and transformation.


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