Discovery Sessions

Every organisation faces ongoing business issues, from sourcing talent, finding new markets or internal operations. We design bespoke frameworks that can help find new ideas to address these issues.



We provide an alternative approach to solving ongoing and new issues that organisations face every day.

The difference we provide is that the end outcomes we arrive at are unbiased, and are designed to serve your best interests.

Our Discovery Sessions are perfect for companies that are looking for fresh new thinking and ideas.


Initial Overview.

This is done on first contact, where we discuss the business and its functions. Often people come to us with a clear area that they want to work on (culture, new product, increase sales, continuous innovation) and this is what use as a starting point.

It’s also perfect for those who seek improvement but don’t know where to start. But this process has no absolutes, it’s only once we begin the Discovery Sessions that things begin to become clearer, and so unknown issues can also present themselves.

Which is a good thing.

Establish an Area of Focus.

These are the spaces that we want to concentrate on, for example we might want to improve a product or service. Rather than setting a goal that limits the final outcome, we identify an area to focus on. This allows us to stay in the general ballpark of what we are aiming for, but allows for possibilities we may not have considered to come to light.

This constraint is important as it helps us to think small, an important approach to getting things done.

Discovery Sessions Format.

Our Discovery Sessions involve 5/6 people from within the organisation. Each individual is sent some literature to prime them and to explain what they can expect on the day. The core principles of Thinking Sideways are first explained, and we then talk through a series of frameworks that have been designed around the area we want to focus on.

The objective of these sessions is two-fold, we want everyone to take away the skills need to improve their thinking, but we will also have a collection of observations that we can use to create an insights document.


The insights document we will produce is based upon what we learn in the Discovery Sessions, combined with our own observations and research. We will identify the key learnings, and the insights that we have extrapolated in order to identify a route forward.

We offer advice on how to move forward. Most innovation fails at the execution stage, due to a lack of direction. This is a critical juncture if you want to effect change.

This overlaps with Creative Cultures.