Design & Strategy

How do we do it?

We remove all expertise from the room.


The ideas are already in the organisation. You, and your team, have all the experience and knowledge in your area. What we do is introduce a different perspective. And it’s this different point-of-view that allows for new and valuable ideas to come to the fore.

To do this, we change the rules by creating inexperience. We remove goals and teach you how to look at the world sideways — and yes — to forget about your expertise.

Experts are people who have mastered something, and continue to do it over and over again. Whatever has worked in the past is repeated. That’s how one becomes an expert after all.

New ways of doing things go against their expertise, so it can become a barrier to truly innovative and unconventional thinking.

Expertise is critical, but when it comes to unconventional thinking, it can be a hindrance. But once we have that new insightful idea, we need the expertise back to execute it, so all you experts can relax!


— None of the world’s best thinkers and innovators were experts.

Discovery Session Frameworks

Our bespoke frameworks are a collection of connected creative techniques.

They introduce various models of thinking that prompt new understanding, approaches and conversations.

These sessions have a max of 6/7 participants, are centred on the principle of unconventional approaches, and they all work towards abstract, rather than set-in-stone goals.

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