Interrupt Established Patterns.

Interrupt Established Patterns.

Patterns are both comforting and helpful, and as much as possible should be applied to your thinking when implementing any task. However, in order to change perspective, it can be helpful to break, remove or otherwise alter a pattern in the thought process, as a device to reach a different, unexpected outcome.


Patterns are everywhere in our lives and our work, from how we manage specific tasks (making a cup of tea) to how we approach meetings or presentations. They appear again and again, and mostly happen subconsciously, without us realising we are in, or using a pattern. Invariably, patterns are good, they create consistency and reassurance. However, in situations where we need a flash of inspiration, or a different frame of mind, removing our thinking from a set pattern can allow for destinations that we would not necessarily have arrived at.

Once you have identified patterns in the way you approach specific tasks, reconsider them, evaluate them and see if you can alter the expected outcome. Even if the outcome is undesirable, you have created a new path in your thinking, and by doing so you have gleaned additional material to ponder upon.

The critical factor when it comes to breaking a pattern is how much risk is involved. Will something still function and realise its purpose without the established pattern, or does everything fall apart without it. If this is the case the trick is to take the outcome, and see how you can reintroduce the pattern, thereby maintaining both, or at the very least arriving at a different outcome again. Either way, what you end up with might surprise you.