What is Sideways Thinking?

Sideways thinking is a problem solving method that allows us to look at things in a slightly askance way, and encourages a non-linear approach to arrive at unexpected and pleasing results. 

It is especially helpful in a business sense, as it allows for ideas that may not normally have been proposed to present themselves, thereby providing a competitive edge where conventional thinking and ideas might draw a blank.


However, as with most endeavours of the mind, we need to be aware of pitfalls like cognitive biases and heuristics, faded imaginations and tired patterns. These suggestions, broken into a number of sections are short overviews of ways to break out of our conventional thinking. These aren’t meant to be hard work, and so they are light in tone, and generally succinct.

Creativity at its core is imagining something into reality.


The series is based around ideas, where we get them from, how they originate and what connections they forge. Creativity at its core is imagining something into reality. And these things come from our minds. They aren’t sitting around waiting to be discovered, they need to be willed into existence. And this is where Sideways Thinking comes in. By adding, removing or otherwise changing your normal thought process, unexpected and pleasant outcomes can present themselves.

We will be adding more as we go, so check back every now and again for updates.