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The best companies trust in their team and take an inclusive approach.

It is not about ping-pong tables and beanie bags.


Internal Communications

Creating an internal company culture, and a reputation as an attractive, engaging place to work is elusive, it can’t be imposed or feigned, rather it has to develop organically. To enable this, a top down approach is needed. Values and social awareness need to be identified, but the crucial element that the best companies have is trust and the ability for everyone in the organisation to feel involved.

The organisations who excel at this are those that instil a sense of purpose in their employees, and level of belief that they can do the right thing every time. It is this, rather than ping-pong tables and beanie bags, that form the best company cultures. This applies if you are a two-person operation or you have a 2000 strong team.

In order to attract and retain the best people, they way you communicate the attraction of your workplace is by designing a strategy to educate and inform them of your approach. This can begin at the hiring stage, all the way through to the everyday work environment.

Studies have repeatedly shown that people are motivated by factors including working for a common purpose, self-improvement and learning as opposed to how much they earn (although that is a factor). By creating this centralised purpose, and allowing those who are part of it the ability to contribute, a level of inclusivity is shared amongst your entire team.

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