Design & Strategy

Hello. We hope you are enjoying your visit with us. Epigram are a strategy & design firm based in Ireland.



The loose definition of Epigram is an “observation or idea expressed in a succinct manner.”

The name drew us in by its very definition. It is remarkable and thought-provoking ideas that allows creativity to thrive, as is the ability to execute these ideas to make a difference. So much of our lives are now tied up in complex algorithms and jargon that is designed to befuddle us, that the ability to succinctly express our viewpoints in a simple manner is becoming ever more difficult.

We find that the quality of thinking is directly linked to the complexity of the language used to express this thinking. Dense, jargon heavy language is a key indicator of poor thinking and expression. When we have a great idea, we want you to understand it, so we do our best to keep things as simple as possible. Which leads us to our central philosophy…

Relevance is critical. It requires independent thinking, understanding of risk and yes, eloquent ideas that captive, persuade and inform in equal measures. Our work has this relevance interwoven into it, and by establishing this clear focus the meaningful and practical outcomes that we arrive at always serve their purpose. 

So, hello from Epigram. We are always asking why. It’s how we do our best work. We hope to ask you why and say hello soon.