Design & Strategy

What we do.

We provide three distinct, but connected services.

The core business challenges that we help you address are; innovation & growth, focused strategy and business design.

The value we provide is based upon sideways thinking, and by introducing this unconventional approach into your organisation. This approach multiplies in effectiveness, as it teaches and empowers you and your employees how to spot common conventions and to subvert them.

This is how continuous innovation truly happens.


Innovation & Growth

Innovation & growth is an ideas and new perspectives approach, where we create and run a series of Discovery Sessions with you and your team based around various topics.

The object of these is to discover a collection of observations, and then to develop key insights from these discoveries to inform your growth.


Focused Strategy

Focused strategy is how we help you take advantage of these Key Insights. We help you form a structured and focused plan for how you can create a sense of direction for these Key Insights.


Business Design

Business Design helps you address your internal & external communications, your visual language and how you express yourself. We apply a design perspective to all of our work, it helps us to frame all of our ideas.