Design & Strategy

Hello. We hope you are enjoying your visit with us. Epigram are a strategy & design firm based in Ireland.


What We Do

Epigram work with you to identify questions that need to be answered. We then create captivating, distinctive visual communications.


1. Framing and Strategy

This is where we ask why. In order to understand what is needed, we have to try to reframe the problem to find a different perspective. Once we have that established we can devise a strategy to progress to the best outcome.

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2. Communications

We identify the language that is needed to convey the messaging, who we are talking to, how we are talking to them and the mediums that we are talking to them in.

3. Design Atmosphere

The design is when we translate the strategy and communications into a visual approach for solving the problem. This could could be a new identity, refreshed website, suite of print collateral or new signage.

4. Experience

When we talk about experience we are talking about the the various touchpoints where the customer interacts with your organisation. Their journey and interactions need to be as enjoyable as possible. We help identify any problems in this journey.