Why Us.

Some delighful reasons to partner with us.

We provide that something different, an unusual way to look at problems, a perspective that may not have been considered before. But the real value is in how we help you improve your thinking to arrive at ideas that will captivate.


Key Takeaways.

  • We have the ability to ask the questions that can provoke the spark that is needed to advance your business.

  • We use no jargon, no made-up acronyms or add-on services to distract from the outcome that works best for the company.

  • Although an abstract concept, thinking creatively is a skill that is learned.

The business advantages we provide:

  • Problem solving skills.

  • An understanding of an innovation culture.

  • Different points-of-view.

  • Improved decision making.

  • Valuable idea suggestions.

  • Continuous learning.


Technology isn’t going to disrupt your business.

A lack of creative ideas is

the much bigger threat.


Improvement of the business in concert, rather than one part.

  • Our approach is unbiased and partner-based, rather than service-based to ensure objectivity. 

  • We provide an outside perspective that can identify valuable insights — hidden or not immediately visible — to people within the organisation. 

  • We introduce different ways of thinking, and new ideas to propel the business in new directions. 

Gain an edge on competitors.

  • We identify how conventional trends function in your industry, and create unconventional approaches instead.

  • Together, we find distinctive and valuable ideas that place you ahead of what the others are doing. 

  • It allows you to introduce a culture of continuous improvement, and it means that the company never stands still.

Attract, retain and delight your people.

  • Thinking Sideways is a skill that is taught, and can be used and contributed to by everyone in the company.

  • It thrives on diverse views, backgrounds and outlooks and the more divergences that are fed in the more creativity bubbles up.

  • These are environments that motivate people, that attract people and that improve people. This is what a company culture really is.